Best Wednesday Addams Costume Enhance Your 2023 Wardore

Wednesday Addams costumes, since the Netflix Wednesday series was released, were already generating tons of buzz as Halloween costumes, inspiring the whole fan goth aesthetic trendy.

Next, read our recommendation to help you live out your best Wednesday Addams Halloween cosplay show.

1. Wednesday Dance Dress

The Wednesday dance dress is in line with her dark personality, she wears it to Nevermore’s prom. Embracing dark gothic aesthetic, Wednesday’s look could easily set her apart from all the other students dressed in silver and white. It’s also a thrilling match for the punkish dance show.

 Wednesday Dance Dress

How to dress like Wednesday Addams?

This Halloween, punk up your party looks by refreshing your wardrobe of color with Wednesday Addams-style. what you need to prepare is as below:

  1. Black Hair  
  2. Black tulle skirts with flouncy
  3. A lace choker
  4. A pair of HeelBoots

 Wednesday Dance Dress

2. Wednesday Addams Costume Uniform

Wednesday stands out in a thrilling way at Nevermore Academy. Wednesday Addams school uniform is combined with black and gray rather than the standard royal purple, while her idea of casual wear involves emo ensembles with Y2K flair – think slouchy striped sweaters, black tights and chunky footwear.

 Wednesday Addams Costume

How do you dress up like a Wednesday at Nevermore Academy?

  1. White Shirt
  2. Black Pleated Skirt
  3. Black Tie
  4. Striped Sweater
  5. Black and white Striped Coat
  6. Double ponytail
  7. Fleming London
  8. Square-toe Thich-heeled Mary Jane Shoes

 Wednesday Addams Costume

3. Wednesday Cat Suit

Wednesday Addams cat costume drew on the image of Edward Scissor and Catwoman looks, It is said that Wednesday Cat suit is one of the most favorite costumes for the actor.

Wednesday Cat Suit

How do you dress like a wild cat?

  1. Gothic Smoky-eye Make-up
  2. Cat Ear Headwear
  3. Black Bodysuit
  4. A pair of Leather Gloves
  5. Leather Belt
  6. Black Martin Boots

 Wednesday Cat Suit

4. Nevermore Academy Uniform

Wednesday Addams Nevermore Academy uniform adopts a special black and gray stripe inspired by the British school uniform, but some modern styles are added to it. The addition of stripes makes the school uniform look more dramatic. The Peter Pan collar with a shirt inside looks more playful than the traditional shirt collar.

Nevermore Academy Uniform

 5. Morticia Addams Costume

Morticia Addams. Her sleek, black dress look has left me a long-lasting impression. Morticia Addams dress, is long, sleek, and figure-fitting. A deep v-neck cut emphasizes the long neck and décolleté area, making the dress a real eye-catcher! It features a long flare sleeve and a tight gown cinched at the bottom, forming a squid-like shape.

Morticia Addams Costume

I believe Morticia Addams dress could serve as a fantastic last-minute Halloween costume. It will work especially well if you already have long, black hair and exquisite makeup. How do these ideas sound?


Dressing up in a Wednesday Addams costume and channel the mystique of the mysterious Addams matriarch. Use your imagination and have a little fun with fashion this year by enhancing your 2023 wardrobe with the gothic glam style.

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